When a company goes into receivership, frequently its biggest asset isn’t its brand or customers, or even its equipment… the reality is, it’s real estate! Plain and simple it’s the property and how it’s sold or managed that can change the outcome in a positive, and often, profitable way. That’s why having a “one-stop-shop” like New Growth Advisors makes all the difference, especially when a big asset such as real estate, is involved.

Because we hold a real estate license and have our own Property Management Team, we are uniquely qualified to take on ALL your receivership needs.

Unlike other firms, NGA has the rare ability to market, lease and manage numerous property types, in addition to providing proven expertise in all other areas of the receivership process. We will negotiate leases and identify top-notch tenants, manage regular building maintenance and handle repairs and improvements, among many other services customized to meet your needs.

Our clients are always pleasantly surprised to learn that we can provide so much more than other Receivers.

Sumner Saeks, CEO of New Growth Advisors explains: “Recently I had a conversation with a Workout Officer at a bank who was considering us to be the receiver for a large strip center. She asked me who we would hire as the property manager. When I responded that NGA would be the property manager, she was completely surprised. I also advised her that because I have an Ohio real estate license, held with Everest Real Estate, we can also provide leasing and tenant management and listing services,” he adds. “That sealed the deal for her! She said she had never worked with a receiver who had the capability of handling all those pieces of the job and appreciated that by appointing NGA she wouldn’t have to identify, hire and manage four separate firms to get the job done. Plus, knowing that she would only have to work with one trusted and experienced point of contact made her job a lot easier in the end!”

Our understanding of the nuanced real estate market will give you the edge, even when working with other agents. Here’s an example of some past NGA clients:

Medical – Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Health Care

  •  Meadow Wood – a Brown County, Ohio long-term care facility
  •  Alaska Acres – a Hamilton County, Ohio long-term care facility
  • Southwest Regional Medical Center and three associated properties – an 18 acre hospital with three associated properties. The main hospital campus included four tenants, including a 40-person home health care operation.


  • THR
  • TLC
  • Darnell Walker
  • David Robinson
  • GLEM
  • University Investments of Cincinnati


  • Car washes
  • Sign Manufacturer and Installer
  • Castle Self Storage


  • Quality Inn Norwood – sale of $3MM eight-story hotel


  •  Crossings of Colerain – receivership of a $5.3MM valued retail center with tenants

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