This is who we are...

Creativity & Curiosity - that's what sets us apart from our competition, and it's how we will help set you apart from yours!  We ask questions, do our homework, and explore innovative solutions you might not have considered. 

So, whether it’s branding a new business or breathing new life into a company that has hit on hard times, we turn over every challenge and look at it from a variety of different angles because your business has a story to tell that’s uniquely your own. 

This is how we do it...

We never take the typical cookie cutter approach because the one thing we know for sure is that all our clients have different challenges and needs.  So -

1. We listen to what matters most to you
2. We learn about your business and how it fits into the big picture
3. We lead a process that’s completely unique to your needs, resulting in creative solutions for long term success!

Meet Our Team

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Who We Serve

Business Owners and Associates

If you have limited cash or are in trouble with your lender…

With your end goal in mind, we help create a clearcut path to get you there. We see the challenges from your perspective and don’t limit ourselves to just empathizing with your situation. We have traveled this road before and can help you successfully navigate to your desired outcome. As turnaround experts we are certified to help you achieve the return of your business to a sustainable, long-term, profitable operation.

New Growth Advisors works with you to:

Workout Officers

If your borrower is in trouble, that means your capital is at risk…

New Growth Advisors can quickly assess a situation and decide the most effective approach. Through years of experience, we understand the credit approval and monitoring process, giving us the qualifications needed to best assist you.

We specialize in:

  • Assess management’s business plans and financial forecasts
  • Create independent business plans and forecasts
  • Perform a risk assessment of management’s plans

Insolvency Counsel

Bankruptcy brings a variety of challenges…

If you need a team to deal with the special challenges faced by insolvent companies and their creditor, we are dedicated to facing those challenges head on and reaching an effective solution.

New Growth Advisors can partner with you to assist in ways such as:

  • Acting as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) to lead your organization through the Chapter 11 process
  • Serving as independent financial advisor for Creditors Committees
  • Coordinating and completing the debtor’s periodic financial reporting
  • Preparing financial forecasts and help you stick to them
  • Creating plans of reorganization and help you to solicit approval
  • Acting as investment banker to sell assets in 363 sales

Achieve Winning Results.

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