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Corporate Renewal

Clear, objective thinking and quick, focused decision-making is what’s needed to bring a company that is underperforming, or in crisis, back to profitability. When issues such as these arise, owners and managers are often too close to the situation to deal with the complex and sometimes overwhelming issues. When a business is troubled, every moment that passes is crucial. However, under circumstances such as these, going it alone could be like trying to stop a train that has gone out of control. That’s why it’s important to have someone with the expertise and background necessary to get your business back on track.At New Growth Advisors we understand the myriad of concerns and emotions owners and managers have during such trying times. We know what they need most is for someone to step in who they can trust implicitly to quickly and calmly assess the situation, while working to promptly create and implement a specialized revitalization plan.Contact New Growth Advisors now if your business is experiencing less than stellar results. You can count on us to shoulder the burden and get your business moving full steam ahead!


Interim Management

Sometimes the bench isn’t deep enough. Sometimes owners lose confidence in their upper management, and other times, they simply need help in strengthening their team so they can reach their ultimate goals. Sometimes that means bringing in a smart, reliable “pinch hitter,” who can objectively determine the company’s needs and then suggest the most efficient way to shore-up or augment the situation.Every business is made up of many different players who have a wide variety of styles and personalities. A good interim manager must be able to assess the corporate climate and make the kind of decisions that are good for the team as a whole. This requires a leader with experience who can keep several balls in the air at once, while staying level-headed and in control at all times.New Growth Advisors has provided interim management services to businesses ranging in size from $65 million to $250 million. No matter what the size, we go that extra mile to provide effective leadership with a human touch.


Asset Recovery

Sometimes, no matter how hard a company tries to attempt a successful turnaround, it just isn’t meant to be. Other times, the problems are just too profound to even try. In those cases, as a last resort, the best alternative is for the business to realize the value of its assets and move on.New Growth Advisors knows that it is difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible for owners and managers to realize when they must “cut their losses” and make this inevitable decision. We can be there to guide you every step of the way and create and implement a sound recovery plan that will bring you the highest amount possible for your company’s precious assets.


Strategic Planning

The best way to judge a business’ success is when there is a solid, well thought out plan to gauge it against. A strategic plan is like a road map that can help you navigate around the obstacles, while directing you down the path toward the greatest opportunities.Every business is unique. In order to insure profitability and increase the chances for long-term success, each strategic plan must be carefully crafted through a guided process which includes input from the owner(s), senior management, other key employees and of course, the end users.New Growth Advisors has worked with numerous businesses to create and implement strategic plans that work! We have the expertise to formulate one that will to drive your business in the right direction!


Marketing and Design

New Growth Advisors is affiliated with a full service marketing agency serving businesses and non-profits who want eye-catching, out of the box marketing that gives them the edge over the competition. No matter what the product or service…no matter how big or small the company, we bring innovation and value to everything we do!Let us take what’s old and outdated and turn it into something new and innovative. Here’s just some of what we can do for you:

  • Strategic visual communications and branding
  • Website development, management and hosting
  • Social media development and management
  • Cutting edge graphic design such as brand identity systems, invitations, mailers, brochures, reports and promotional materials
  • Printing and mailing services
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Advertisements for print and the web
  • Creative and engaging copywriting
  • Event planning and customer engagement
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Commercial Property Management

New Growth Advisors’ Commercial Property Management team is ready to provide professional management services for your commercial, industrial, retail, medical and office buildings. We work for owners and investors who require professional property management. We also manage properties owned by real estate lenders, both banks and hedge funds.As your personal property management agents, we will insure maximization of your cash flow from each property under our supervision.Some of our services include:

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Expense Management
  • Tenant Management Lease Negotiation
  • Lease Representation
  • Tenant Vetting

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