NGA Role
• NGA was engaged to lead management in determining the viability of this manufacturer of off-road, military and heavy-duty truck radiators

• This manufacturer was experiencing a number of changes in its marketplace that were causing significant financial distress. These included a decline in demand for its products as customers sought cheaper off shore sources for its products, reductions in demand for its military products, weakening of demand for off-road and heavy-duty truck products due to weakness in these end product markets.
• Company’s owner/managers could not fund any further cash losses and secured lender was not willing to advance further credit for this purpose.

NGA Solution
• NGA worked with the in place seasoned management team to stabilize cash flow.
• NGA aided in identification and communication with potential buyers of certain of the company’s distributions locations.
• NGA lead the creation of a revitalization plan that better positioned the company for return to sustained profitable operation or the sale of all or substantially all of its assets

• Substantially all of the company’s operating assets were sold in an article 9 sale to a strategic buyer.