While the team at New Growth Advisors can’t possibly be experts in every field, we have the expertise to help any type of business thrive and grow. We didn’t know anything about ink manufacturing, running nursing homes or metal fabrication, but we quickly learned what we needed to know and applied our proven formula, along with a customized strategy, to help those businesses go from the brink of failure to profitability!

Over the years we have worked with numerous banks, law firms, businesses and companies of all sorts, and the key to our success in helping to turn things around has been to acknowledge what we don’t know as much as what we do. It’s like the commercial says, “We don’t make the products you buy; we make the products you buy better.” In the same vein, at NGA, we are probably not experts in your business; but our track record proves that we are experts in helping your business become more profitable!

We know that you are the expert in your field. That combined with our expertise can help you serve your customers better and lead to greater, long term profitably, enhance your cash flow, increase the value of your assets, make your customer relationships more valuable and mutually beneficial, and help you better organize your business operations and manage your employees.

For examples of the many clients who have relied on our expertise to help them out of a failing situation, or have enabled them to increase profits and take their businesses to the next level, click here.