How a little rebranding recharged our battery

... and led to a brand new business model!

We kept turning our backs to the future…

Like most other small to mid-sized businesses on the planet, we knew we needed to update our look and bring our website into the new millennium. But it felt overwhelming and intimidating, so we just kept putting it off. Meantime, the world of technology was moving a million miles an hour -- leaving us in its virtual dust! Being behind the times wasn’t helping our business grow – and when your name is literally New Growth Advisors, that’s not exactly a good thing!

But we finally had to face our fears…

So, we finally sucked it up and took a risk on a team who promised they could get the job done without sucking the life out of us -- all while giving us something that would make us “stand out in the sea of sameness,” as they liked to say.

And boy are we glad we did!

They came through with flying colors, and it didn’t take long for that long overdue refresh to reinvigorate our business in a big way. Even before we officially launched our site, or sent out any marketing, we started to get a flood of new social media followers, a surge of unique visitors to our website and best of all, a hefty increase in calls!

What we found out changed everything…

Interestingly, about a third of those calls were from small to mid-sized businesses who found the idea of updating their branding as daunting as we once did. They wanted to know who created our new website and logo and were surprised to learn that it wasn’t some high priced “branding factory” but a small team of talented millennials who listened to what we wanted and gave us more than we could have hoped for! After several of these discussions we started to see a need we could fill, so we made a big decision…

Introducing NGA’s new Strategic Design and Innovation Division…

Just like the old Remington Shaver ad in which Victor Kiam exclaims, “I liked the product so much, I bought the company,” we believed in that marketing team so much that we invited them to join the NGA family! Now, in addition to providing a host of signature services to help get troubled companies back on track, and assist clients with their desire to grow and thrive, we are able to serve the growing needs of so many of our clients, and others like them who are looking for top-notch marketing at a fair price.

“We realized that great marketing could be within our reach, and best of all, it didn’t have to be complicated or take up too much time or energy on our part!” explains New Growth Advisors CEO, Sonny Saeks. “That’s why we are especially excited to be adding this secret weapon to our arsenal, and see it as one of the best ways to help our customers compete in this ever-changing world of marketing trends and technology.”

Out with the old. In with the BOLD!

In this day and age, if your business doesn’t stand out, you’re bound to miss out. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking the world by storm… Learn how NGA's Strategic Design and Innovation Division can help recharge your battery too!


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