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Sumner Saeks Elected President of the Tri-State Association for Corporate Renewal (TACR)

The Tri-State Association for Corporate Renewal (TACR), the premier association of the region’s top corporate renewal professionals, has elected Sumner (Sonny) Saeks as its President for the 2017-2019 term.  Saeks has served on the board since 2010 as Vice President, Membership Chair and Program Chair. “With world events effecting our economy on a regular basis, [ Read More ]

Why you should put your Big Asset in our Hands!

When a company goes into receivership, frequently its biggest asset isn’t its brand or customers, or even its equipment… the reality is, it’s real estate! Plain and simple it’s the property and how it’s sold or managed that can change the outcome in a positive, and often, profitable way. That’s why having a “one-stop-shop” like [ Read More ]

Experts know what they don’t know!

While the team at New Growth Advisors can’t possibly be experts in every field, we have the expertise to help any type of business thrive and grow. We didn’t know anything about ink manufacturing, running nursing homes or metal fabrication, but we quickly learned what we needed to know and applied our proven formula, along [ Read More ]

How do you keep the residents from dying when you shut down their nursing home?

New Growth Advisor’s Challenging Case Series: How do you keep the residents from dying when you shut down their nursing home? Background: New Growth Advisors (NGA) was appointed receiver for an operating 68 bed skilled long-term care facility in southwestern Ohio. The Unique Challenge: As with most troubled situations the owners ran out of funds [ Read More ]

It all Begins at the End

By Sumner M. Saeks Principal, New Growth Advisors “It’s the beginning of the end!” That’s how most owners feel when their business goes into distress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Working with a skilled turnaround professional who understands the big picture and who knows how to ask the right questions can mean [ Read More ]

What It Takes to Talk the Talk in a Turnaround

By Sumner M. Saeks Principal, New Growth Advisors Lost in translation… often, that’s how business owners feel when trying to speak with bankers, attorneys and business consultants who attempt to help them with their challenges. As a business owner, yours is the language of serving customers, working with employees, buying equipment, acquiring real estate, and [ Read More ]

A Tale of Two Receivables

By Patty Grasty Client Support Specialist, New Growth Advisors Even in the best of times it’s important for business owners to take the advice of experts if they want their successful company to go from good to great… so, it’s even more critical for companies facing the worst of times, such as liquidation, bankruptcy or [ Read More ]

Defining the End at the Start

When we are contacted by the owner of a distressed business she invariably asks, “Can you help me?” While we have great confidence in our abilities as turnaround consultants and change agents the question that must communicated very clearly, precisely and in understandable terms is, “What are you trying to achieve.” This seemingly simple and [ Read More ]

Going Concern Can Maximize Recovery

New Growth Advisors was appointed receiver over the going operation of Amco Products. Amco Products was a multi-generation family owned and operated business struggling as many of its customers shifted supply from domestic manufacturers to lower-cost foreign manufacturing. This type of off-shoring had practically killed Amco Product’s business. The company’s 8 year old, 60,0000 square [ Read More ]

The Real Question in a Turnaround

By Sumner Saeks “I don’t need some so called turnaround consultant to tell me how to fix my business,” said the distressed business owner. “Sure we have been losing money every month this year, but all these people do is fire my employees. Shipments are going to be late, quality will suffer. My people have [ Read More ]

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